EFT and Me

I started out in the holistic health field because of 2 major reasons, one was that my daughter had an undiagnosed problem that no one could give me any solutions for, and I was in intense and debilitating pain from some unknown condition. Both of us were suffering with something that no one could figure out and I was determined to find some answers. Along the way I studied many different “healing” modalities, including Hypnotherapy, NLP (Neuro linguistic Programing), Three-in-one (One Brain), Reiki (of many different types – including the traditional Usui), Therapeutic Touch and many other energy healing processes , Past Life Regression therapy (as well as many other similar therapies – such as “inner child work, early trauma work – etc),  I studied A Course In Miracles and the work of Byron Katie and became a cranial sacral practitioner. Basically, I did just about everything I could find. I didn’t just read about these processes, I studied them, took courses in them, and in most cases became a certified practitioner.

Then in 2000 I found EFT and it was the one process that caused the greatest shift in my life. One of the main reasons that it was so profound for me was the realization that I was actually working against myself in the healing work I had been doing. I was already in so much pain from the condition that was proving itself to be chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia that my body/mind was not able to deal with healing itself. My energy was depleted just from “living”, and the energy it took to heal was just not there. Gary Craig’s EFT manual describes this as “psychological reversal”. This is where the body/person does not have the energy to heal itself, because they system is working backwards, that is why all the things I was doing wasn’t working. And worse than that, all those things were actually making things worse. EFT includes something in its process which reverses the reversal, thus putting my energy back in its normal flow (at least long enough to “tap” and clear the issue). This was extremely eye-opening for me, and immediately knew this was important. I did a lot more research and found out more about this “psychological reversal” and other people’s suggestions and comments on it and their solutions to it.

I started working with Donna Eden and her Energy Medicine processes, which also used the meridian system which is the energy process that EFT uses, so I started to learn all about the meridians, what they are and how they work. I started doing 15 minute pain relief sessions at “Health Fairs”, and even with 15 minutes in a noisy environment, EFT works! I have seen, both personally and from other people via videos and workshops, EFT working on just about everything.

Within a few months after finding EFT and using that process daily (sometimes many times a day), I was pain free! It was amazing!

 I cannot express in words what it was like to go from a life full of debilitating pain 24/7 to having no pain at all. The first thing I did was “test it” – actually trying to bring the pain back.  I was probably doing this because I didn’t believe that it was gone.  I had been living with this pain for over 20 years, and couldn’t believe it was gone, I thought it was just a temporary thing.  And, as strange as it might sound, I was looking for it! How silly is that? But, that is what I did. I was looking for it – maybe I actually missed it. Here, 11 years later, I am still pain-free and it still amazes me how quickly and easily EFT works, even on physical pain.



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