Victim Thinking



Victim thinking is really huge for almost everyone (or so it seems). No matter how much they might want to deny it (as most people do) – they feel victimized by the world/life. It seems like they are being controlled by everyone – government down to the person next door or on the . . . → Read More: Victim Thinking

Christmas Possibility

Today is December 25th 2011, and I have been looking at the whole Christmas thing, and what it is all about.

I do see that it is a false holiday full of lies and illusions, and has now become so commercialized it is ridiculous.

And, I also see the possibility of this being the only . . . → Read More: Christmas Possibility

truth and lies

I had a cool thing happen.Though this happens a lot, this one was almost exactly word for word what I was asking, it was kinda spooky!

I was looking at what is it that blocks me from seeing truth, and only seeing the lies? I am still stuck in the illusion (the lies) and . . . → Read More: truth and lies

The Need to be RIGHT


I see that I NEED to be RIGHT. All the time. It seems like my life will end (or something dramatic) will happen if I am wrong (or someone sees that I am wrong). My ego is fully stuck in this need to be right.

When I notice something is controlling my life, I . . . → Read More: The Need to be RIGHT

Being 100%

Being 100%

I have been looking at “being” for 2 weeks, and I still don’t know what it is. What is “being”? I ask this every day. I hear people talking about “being” and yet, I don’t have any clue what that is. I looked at Being a Bitch. I looked at being fat (had . . . → Read More: Being 100%

EFT and Me

I started out in the holistic health field because of 2 major reasons, one was that my daughter had an undiagnosed problem that no one could give me any solutions for, and I was in intense and debilitating pain from some unknown condition. Both of us were suffering with something that no one could figure . . . → Read More: EFT and Me