Christmas Possibility

Today is December 25th 2011, and I have been looking at the whole Christmas thing, and what it is all about.

I do see that it is a false holiday full of lies and illusions, and has now become so commercialized it is ridiculous.

And, I also see the possibility of this being the only time/chance that people have of being/seeing true compassion, kindness and caring. Maybe Christmas is here as a reminder to everyone that there is something that is “true” out there that is “love”, which is nothing like what we now call love.

What we have now is manipulation, control and ownership and we call it love.

Maybe this “Christmas” thing is to remind us that there is something more than us, something “greater”. Though people took that into the “supreme being” realm instead of seeing that it is within ourselves, beyond thoughts.

And maybe that is why there are so much depression and suicide during this time, because people realize they don’t have that “real” thing, they cannot see it in their lives, because it doesn’t exist in the realm of thought (where we all live). It is only beyond thought, where hardly anyone has been/gone.

The possibility of reaching that “beyond” thought space is possible, though the path is not clear. What do I do to get there? What is needed from me? I cannot just stop thought, as that is forcing something, thus not real. It is a catch-22 thing. I have to be in “no thought” to get there, and yet I cannot stop my thoughts to get there – it has come on it’s own. Yet what is needed to get it to come on it’s own? No thought!

So, maybe Christmas is here as a reminder that there is something beyond thought. That love, compassion and caring is still alive. We have the opportunity to see it now (maybe), as everyone joins together to create it …even if it is for this one day.
And, it has to be for “real” – not pretend “nice”. As the pretend nice is not beneficial, and could be quite harmful (denial/avoidance).
This is the time when people can look and see the possibility of “true” love exists, and maybe even experience it, even if it is just for this one day.



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