What is Holistic?

Merriam -Webster’s Dictionary definition is: relating to or concerned with wholes or with complete systems rather than with the analysis of, treatment of, or dissection into parts <holistic medicine attempts to treat both the mind and the body> <holistic ecology views humans and the environment as a single system.

Yin Yang

To live in a holistic way means to see the whole, not the parts.

To be the whole, not the parts.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.



We have been fragmented and segmented into pieces.


Puzzle pieces

We have been told that we are a body which is separate from our mind. Then we are told that even those groups are separated into smaller pieces, taking those pieces and dissecting them further.

We are a body then becomes we are organs, we are glands, we are bones, we are muscles.. etc. Then we take those pieces and break them down further: we are veins, we are arteries … etc. All the time breaking ourselves down more and more, separating all the pieces until they seemingly don’t fit together any more.

We were told to do the same with the mind, as we break things into conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious minds. Then we break those down as well into feelings and judgments and opinions and beliefs and thoughts. And, we then talk about past, present and future which also fragments the mind.

Most of us are a walking bag of parts, not feeling connected to ourselves, so we definitely don’t feel connected to anyone else or the world. We feel alone and separate.

This is reinforced many times a day in all aspects of our lives.

We go to a Doctor (either physical or Mental) and they try to break things down to smaller and smaller pieces and parts to find a solution. There are all the specialists who only see what they specialize in. Most professionals have acquired “tunnel vision” and cannot see beyond the field they are trained in, and only see the solution within their experience. A hammer sees everything as a nail.

This approach can be of assistance, though it often leaves out the rest of the person. Maybe a specialist is needed to care for a specific part, yet the rest of the person is often left out of the equation. They think that just caring for that one part will heal everything, and often it does not. Many times someone gets one part “fixed” only to have another part start to act up. This is because the cause was not addressed, it only masked things by handling the most obvious symptom. Once that symptom is taken care of, another one pops up to say, “Hello, the cause is still here.”

This site is dedicated to assisting with seeing the wholeness of ourselves

which will then assist us to see the wholeness of everyone else and the world. Once we see that we are whole, we can then attempt to solve some of the problems that we are facing (or maybe that is the problem?). When we see we are complete (whole) within ourselves, then we will be able to see clearer what is going on. Until then, we are too broken ourselves to be able to see beyond that.

The aim of this site it to bring things together (Body/Mind/Spirit). To network through many different people who will share their stories, their lives, their ideas, and show us that we are all in this together. We are all facing this same dilemma – being fragmented and feeling separated from ourselves and the world. As we all share together – speaking the truth of this and everything else in our lives, we can then bring ourselves together and see the completeness, the wholeness, of who we are.

Please contact me, Dona Bilangi, about joining this community of writers. I care to hear from everyone and anyone interested in sharing their ideas, processes, thoughts, actions, stories related to the coming together/wholeness of their/our lives.

My email address is: dona@holisticsite.net

Thank you.
Dona Bilangi






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